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Dynamism, temptations and decisions

March 5, 2014  |  No Comments

The dynamism of the project execution, while looking for quick resolutions, we may tend to accept additional tasks and changes, based on the face value, without applying the change management process. This is a wrong tendency and can serve as an invitation to some critical problems arising in the later phases of the project.

During the project execution, due the dynamics of the tasks, collaborations, communication and the time lines, when we face the heat, we tend to take quick actions. Though, these are the moments of instant gratification, in most cases, we may regret the hasty actions later on and the consequences of such actions are likely to haunt us in our professional lives.

We may also face some tough situations with our colleagues, jealous co-workers, demanding work environment and bosses, or simply the fact the time lines are aggressive. It is human to respond when threatened, therefore, we should be cautious when we respond to any challenge in the heat of a moment.

Sun TzuTherefore when Sun Tzu says,Do not pursue an enemy who simulates flight; do not attack soldiers whose temper is keen“;

the project manager knows,Do not try to solve a problem superficially, Do not get into a problem which you can’t handle“.