Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

- Oscar Wilde

Puneet Kuthiala

With over 13 years of experience in the IT industry, I have had the privilege of working on a variety of IT projects with multiple cultures and organizations all across the globe—from the United States to Tunisia; India to Switzerland. Now, I have made Switzerland my home.

The Professional

My passions extend far outside the realm of technology: In 2009, I began to experience a myriad of insights on project management and started a blog about this growing hobby of mine at, where I have written about the project management process from project initiation to project closure. Writing about this topic soon developed into a serious effort, leading me to write books on the subject (available on Amazon). Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile to know more about my professional experience.

The Person

Grateful ever for the blessing of Life itself—its dynamism never ceases to interest and amaze me. I am constantly reading about one thing or another-history, religion, politics and business. I am deeply inspired by the artistic expressions and the creative process drives me.

I tend to think like an artist and work like a professional—and Photography, especially, has sparked my creative interest, allowing me to capture the world as I see it.  I love to paint for my daughter, making wood carvings allows me to participate in the genuine act of creation. As the complex mix of history religion and politics intrigues me, reading about the spiritual wisdom and practices interests me as well.

I am a Reiki Master, a crystal healer and a Sudarshan Kriya practitioner. Studying and implementing these practices helps me to connect with my inner self, gives me insights into life, profession and helps me to walk on the path that each human is destined.

The meaning of Logo

Puneet Kuthiala logoThe logo signifies the diversity of interests that keep me going. Since I love what I do, professional interests are represented in the big circle, but just like any other professional, it is the personal interests that make some one complete, they are represented in the smaller circles.


I was 8 years old when I first discovered a love of reading and began to read the news papers. In those days, my parents and elders helped me to understand the world through the real life stories on the page. Over the years, I have come to believe that the present becomes history; and history when so old that it can not be evidenced and is only remembered through oral traditions based on the belief systems, becomes mythology.

In the last several years, I have read numerous historical accounts and studied events that have shaped the planets destiny. I have deliberated, consciously and quietly, on the issues that I face as a parent, family man and a professional. I am beginning to believe that the joys the Almighty bestows upon us, the sorrows that comes with loss, the jubilation that triumph brings, the disappointment that comes with failure, the defeat that brings humiliation, the respect that must be commanded and the victories that last for a lifetime, are essentially a product of a few actions. When we want to live with happiness and succeed in each aspect of our lives, we must draw upon deep wisdom the ages gone by.

Project Management Battlefield

I read the ancient texts regularly, but in the winter of 2012, I started to decipher and discovered wisdom that said, “A nation that does not allow its youth to dream, fails. A man who strives to attain highly commendable goals, with no thought of his loved ones, turns out to be a failure in the end. A leader who leads with selfish intent, brings disaster to both his followers and himself. A leader who makes sure that he is educated about the environment in which he operates, understands his subjects and has a focus on the positive outcome, succeeds in the end”. 

I am currently developing a framework for project managers based on the ancient military classic, Sun Tzu’s The Art of War. This work is being carefully crafted into three parts, the first of which, Project Management Battlefield is now available. The rest of the framework is expected to be released by the end of year 2013 2014.


Feel free to connect with me on any of the social media network indicated on the top of this website. If you want to follow my personal notes, then please follow my personal Facebook account. I scribble on topics other than project management only on this platform.