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April 24, 2014

Every company has certain objectives that they want to achieve through PMO. In order to derive the desired results with the help of Project Management Office, you should first understand the PMO frameworks. There are different types of PMO departments available, and each department has a specific set of responsibilities to fulfill. The combined effort of each PMO is what makes the successful completion of a project possible. There are mainly five types of PMO that exists in most companies. These five PMO departments include:

Organizational PMO
The organizational PMO has the responsibility of providing support to the organizational unit strategy. Some of the key areas of project management that these PMOs handle include governance, portfolio management, and operational project support. They may also have to assist the other PMO departments by providing information. Over half of the organizations have an organizational PMO in their company.

Project specific PMO
This PMO department has to provide a range of services related to project/program support. They have to support data management, and coordinate reporting, governance, and administrative activities to provide the project/program team with full support. They may also work with the other PMO entities within the organization. The project specific PMO department is built for a temporary period of time, and their services are required only till the specific project is completed.

Project support PMO
The project support PMO enables processes that support the management of program/project/portfolio work. They provide administrative support to ensure timely delivery of the project/program within its domain. To carry out their responsibilities smoothly, the project support PMO utilizes processes, governance, practices and tools that have been established by the organization.

Enterprise/Organization wide PMO
Being the highest rank of PMO within the company, the enterprise PMO has a number of responsibilities. They align project/program with corporate strategy, establish and ensure appropriate enterprise project/portfolio/program governance, and perform portfolio management activities. They have the key role of influencing the lower-level PMOs. Apart from that, they facilitate effective communication and manage multiple stakeholders.

Center of excellence
This PMO department supports the execution of programs and projects. To ensure smooth operations and timely delivery, the center of excellence has to equip the organization with standards, methodology and tools that enable project managers to deliver their best.

The roles and responsibilities of each of these departments may vary from one organization to another. However, they all seek to achieve the same objective – successful completion of projects within the given timeline.

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