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BUY Project Management Battlefield and PM 101 paperbacks together at one special price. This is like buying a book with innovative ideas and getting a practical day to day reference guide for FREE.

Project Management Battlefield_coverProject Management Battlefield merges time tested military strategy with most modern project management standards. The ancient military guide, The Art of War, is compared with the best management practices suggested by PMBOK®, Project Management Body of Knowledge, published by PMI®. By combining time tested battle strategies with contemporary management philosophy, this book proposes an innovative thinking about managing the projects that will help you understand both concepts better and use this knowledge to succeed each time. Wars may have disappeared from the world as a mean to expand, but the underlined philosophy still remains relevant for a project manager. Price – 17 CHF

Project Manager's Pocket ReferencePM 101, outlines the basics of project management with clear action steps. This concise and clear guide provide project managers with a handy reference that allows them to focus on the few action items that really matter when leading successful endeavour in all areas of business. This book includes 101 tips based upon the real experiences of successful project managers, engaged in a variety of leadership positions, disils down all the various management frameworks into the few actions that really matter and covers everything from scheduling tasks to handling difficult stakeholders to navigating corporate politics. These actions are independent of a particular management style, framework, or methodology. Price – 5 CHF


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Project Management Battlefield and PM 101 at one priceIf you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle” - Sun Tzu in The Art of War

This famous quote from the 2,000 year old military classic, The Art of War, has been applied to business as much as warfare in modern times. PMBOK®, the Project Management Body of Knowledge, published by PMI®, is an international standard, recognized worldwide for enabling professionals and organizations to deliver value. Read Project Management Battlefield to know how Sun Tzu’ wisdom can help the project manager. Check all the reviews on Amazon for Project Management Battlefield.

“Words of wisdom and actions are few…” Project Manager's Pocket Reference Do you wish that the experience, wisdom, insight, skills, and knowledge of the most successful project management frameworks could be distilled down into a short book? Read PM 101 to get a pocket book that literally fits in your pocket. Check all the reviews on Amazon for PM-101.


Incl. shipping in Switzerland). Dispatched in 3-4 business days.

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  • Gift 1 – A Paperback copy of my book PM-101.
  • Gift 2 – A personal collection of essays by Peter Taylor.

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  • Buy the Project Management Battlefield.
  • PM – 101 will be shipped with Project Management Battlefield.
  • Peter Taylor’s e-book will be sent via email
Both the books are Personally signed by me and each order is delivered with a cover letter, that will give a brief introduction about the project I have taken up. Hopefully some of the community members would find it interesting topic to explore.

About Peter Taylor

Peter is the author of ‘The Lazy Project Manager’,The Lazy Winner’andThe Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell‘ and ‘Leading Successful PMOs’. Please visit The Lazy Project Manager, Leading Successful PMOs, The Lazy Winner or subscribe to his podcasts in iTunes. I am really grateful that he has agreed to offer one his creation as free gift to the buyers.

Message from Puneet

I have always felt strong, fulfilled and satisfied, whenever I have helped and made a positive difference in someone’s life, career or job. This book is  an attempt to contribute to the knowledge with fresh ideas and support the project management community. Official Press Release.

What is PMBOK®? Contemporary management methodologies lay out a project lifecycle. These include initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure. This system provides tools and knowledge to manage each of these project stages.
Why is The Art of War Important? Wisdom from this ancient military strategy book has even been recently applied to legal practices and professional sports. Many Eastern and Western companies consider it required reading for their key managers and executives.

I am developing a framework for project managers, based on The Art of War. PMBOK® is a worldwide industry standard. It’s one of the most commonly deployed project management standard worldwide. Therefore, it was natural to establish the similarities between The Art of War and PMBOK®. As Sun Tzu’s message is far more relevant and meaningful, I took up a task to develop a framework for the project managers based on The Art of War. The complete framework will be available in the year 2013. Click for Official Press Release.