Project Management Battlefield

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The first in the trilogy, the PMBOK® is compared with the ancient classic, The Art of War. Interestingly the entire book can be applied to PMBOK® and there are deep lessons that can be drawn from The Art of War.  The Art of War is a more than two thousand years old book…

PM -101

Common Sense, Practical and basic Project Management tipsDo you wish that the experience, wisdom, insight, skills, and knowledge of the most successful project management frameworks could be distilled down into a short book? Only a few actions are required to manage projects small, large and complex. This is an anywhere guide…

Minimal PM tips in your Inbox

MinimalPMMinimal PM a newsletter that delivers the most practical and very basic tips on project management in your inbox, each day of the week. A methodology can either be source of immense joy or horrendous experience.

War and Project Management

ConfusedA Project Manager, A Warrior? Why the philosophy behind the Project Management is similar to that of  war? Why a project manager should refer to the Art of War? The wisdom from the thousands years old text.

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