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April 28, 2014

PMO-performanceBehind every successful project, there is a major contribution of the Project Management Office. There is no two ways about that! If your business deals with project, program or portfolio management related services, it is highly crucial that you employ a PMO team of skilled professionals who know their trade well. However, simply having a Project Management Office will not help you achieve the desired results after the completion of every project. To see your success graph going uphill, you would need to evaluate the performance of your PMO team.

In order to become successful, one needs to stay true to the goals of a program or project. This is one of the key elements of success that every project manager needs to swear by. However, it is quite easy to lose one’s focus when new scopes emerge and priorities are not aligned in the correct order. When you fail to make priorities according to your strategic goals, the whole project/program faces the risk of skewing off-track. That is why it is so important that PMOs are able to evaluate their performance against the changing roles.

Self-critical PMOs can assess their performance in context of the overall success of their organization. This not only reinforces the business value of the Project Management Office, but it also helps the senior managers understand how the PMOs are contributing to the company’s success. In most cases, the high-performing PMO professionals measure their performance through project owner’s feedback, feedback from the other stakeholders, and feedback from the customers. High performers are also able to make basic evaluations of the projects.

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