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Landgrab LogoThe humanity has existed on the earth for thousands of years, without causing much damage to the planet.

However, since the industrialization era began, humans have progressed faster than the history can ever remember. However, this unchecked growth has led the humanity not only to produce more, but also to consume more. Due to this uncontrolled consumption, the wastes have increased, the forest cover has reduced, the weather patterns are changing, the ice is melting, more and more species are under threat of extinction.

On the other hand, the earth has limited resources. The most critical resource on any habitable planet, the land, is fixed. It does not extend. We live in the times when each one of us wants to own more and more of the land.

The human population was estimated to be 770 million, during the time of the industrial revolution, in the late 19th century, there were almost 1.6 billion people, and within the next 100 years, in the year 2000, we were approximately 6 billion and by the year 2020, we are likely to be a planet of 7.6 billion people competing for the earth’s resources.

The ‘Landgrab’ is set in the times, when forests have been cut down, the land has been developed, buildings and complexes have been built over them and now only few pieces of land are available to own.

It is a simple and easy to play simulation depicting such times and the players compete to own most area.

The research proves that the human activity has accelerated global warming and has consistently caused severe damage to the environment. If we continue to damage the environment, we will leave behind an uninhabitable planet for our children and grand children.

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About the Creator

Saruha KuthialaSaruha Kuthiala, is the creator of the game Landgrab. She created this game on a Sunday afternoon in early spring of 2013, she was ten years old then. She first played it with her parents frequently, and later this game remained closed in a box, until it occurred that  this game has a powerful message for the world.Landgrab Logo

She loves nature, animals, discusses often about the planet’s environment and insists on living in an environment friendly lifestyle. She is an 11 years old girl and she reads, paints, writes and learns. She studies in fifth class in the primary school at Uetikon am See, Switzerland.