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January 8, 2014

I have read the Indian epic, ‘Mahabharat’ a couple of times. The stories and the narratives in this ancient book,  leave one to ponder, even in today’s era.

For example, there is a  statement about leadership that an insignificant person makes to the other. He says,

The citizens of a country, whose king is weak, should not marry and beget children. A worthy family life, with culture and domestic happiness, is possible only under the rule of a good and strong king. Wife, wealth and other things are not safe if there be no proper king ruling over us.

In spite of the period when it was written, and the culture it represents, the society it describes and the story it tells, this statement has a lot of importance to all walks of life.

Only if the leadership is clear and strong, a project are aligned with organizational objectives, an organization and its employees can prosper, the cities can see improvements, the societies can advance, the governments can govern & not ‘misgovern’ and the world can become a better place to live.

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