NITI-The Ancient Wisdom for the Project Managers

The role LEADER is as old as the history of mankind and so is the wisdom of leadership!

Ancient Wisdom

“Competition” “Rivals” “Truth” “Duty” “Influence”  ”Loyalty” “Ethics” “Decisions” “Policy” “Conflicts” “Morality”

Humans have had to face the difficult situations since the time we started to organize ourselves into communities, villages, cities, countries, civilizations that are led by few. All leaders have to face tough choices, competition, contribute to the prosperity of the land, economies, focus on the positive outcome and be accountable.
Wisdom hidden in the ancient texts of the lost civilizations enables us to face the most daunting challenges we face in our times.

The Challenge

  • Being a leader means making decisions at almost every moment.
  • A Project Manager has to deal with conflicting stakeholders’ needs and personal conflicts appropriately.
  • Sometimes the project manager has to face the influential and powerful stakeholders in the organization, where he or she has to take a decision in the interest of the project, that may be against such stakeholders.
  • There are times when the doom is imminent and the show has to keep going.
  • At times it happens that we either indulge in back biting or we become its victim.
  • The project managers of the Pet projects face an altogether different set of problems.
  • And how about managing a death march project?
  • The complex organizational communication lines, and conflicts have to be navigated, the bad news to be delivered, the good news to be shared, and caution to be asked for.

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What is ‘Niti‘?
Niti is a Sanskrit word that broadly means, “The Right Path”, “Ethics”, “Policy”, “Morality” etc. It is difficult to give a single word translation in English. As is obvious, the term Niti is used in reference with the right decisions, actions and steps.
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