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April 15, 2014

Organizational PMOUnderstanding the role of Project Management Office is essential. As business owners and project managers realize the true importance of PMO, the necessity for the same continues to grow. To make the PMO initiatives succeed, everyone involved with the project in question must understand what role the PMO actually fulfills. When roles and responsibilities of each team member are clearly defined, it will help streamline completion of each project. That is why the PMO framework needs to be taken seriously.

One of the important type of PMO is **Organizational PMO**. Also termed as Unit PMO, Divisional PMO, Business Unit PMO, or Departmental PMO, the organizational PMO is responsible for supporting the organizational unit strategy. This objective is achieved through providing effective PMO services such as governance, portfolio management, and operational project support. When these services are implemented to specific organizational units, desired outcome that are aligned with strategy can be expected.

The organizational PMO is also responsible for providing information to the other PMO entities. This comes as a part of their responsibility of organizational governance. Aside from these responsibilities, the organizational PMO provides consolidated reporting for the programs, projects and portfolios that are part of its domain.

The PMO framework varies from one organization to another, and the organizations tend to take the role of the Organizational PMO seriously. In most organizations, it focuses mostly on the program/project delivery management and in addition to the standards, methodologies, and processes.

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  1. Yogesh Deshpande

    Good article !
    In last 1.5 yrs as PMO of my Org, I realized the essence of project governance through PMO.

    Let’s take this thread forward !


  2. Thanks Yogesh for taking time to read and respond.

    If I go by my own experience, I don’t think that its possible to maintain control over the initiatives and the projects in the organization without a PMO. A PMO is such an effective way of keeping the initiatives transparent and in control that I usually fail to understand sometimes why a proper framework of PMO’s is missing from the PMI’s standards.


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