101 common sense tips, ideas and concepts for project managers

Project Manager's Pocket Reference

This Anywhere PM Guide Covers

  • Handling Organizational Politics
  • Project Initiation Tips
  • Tips on Project Planning
  • Managing Meetings
  • Handling Project Closure the right way
  • Managing the most dynamic phase – Project Execution

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Project managers, team leaders, program managers, quality managers, Project Management Officers or anybody who is responsible for producing timely outcomes can benefit from this concise, yet detailed reference guide. PM 101 allows responsible decision makers to focus on the few basic things that can make or break a successful project, even while wading through thousands of details.

The particular management framework or methodology does not matter, but the actions do!

Do you wish that the experience, wisdom, insight, skills, and knowledge of the most successful project management frameworks could be distilled down into a short book?

Book Reviews

“PM 101 is a concise booklet about Project Management. As a PM, use it every day, apply the effective recommendations of Puneet, and you can’t be wrong. Of course, you will need to adapt it to your project context, you will have to do your homework. But the framework and the 101 advises are great stuff and they will give you the right direction for your work and the success of your project. PM 101 will help you to check the health of your project, and help you to decide on your next steps. Handy, Clear, concise, useful. For any Project. For any Project Manager.”

Marc Thevenard, President C.A.M.P SAS, Senior Associate, Management Center Europe.

“Thanks Puneet for writing such a wonderful pocket book for the Project Managers. The approach is very practical and content depicts the experience you have in handling the various types of projects and the people. I really liked the way you have mentioned about the politics involved in projects, and I will eagerly wait for the complete framework which is under development at the moment. Once again congratulations and I wish you all the best.”


Sudhir Kaushal, Solutions Architect and Project Manager – Accenture

Why Do You Need to Read PM 101?

Words of wisdom and actions are few….Words for confusion and excuses are aplenty.

PM-101 is the most basic project management wisdom that fits your pocket, literally!

  • This book includes 101 tips based upon the real experiences of successful project managers, engaged in a variety of leadership positions.
  • PM 101 distills down all the various management frameworks into the few actions that really matter.
  • PM 101 covers everything from scheduling tasks to handling difficult stakeholders to navigating corporate politics. These actions are independent of a particular management style, framework, or methodology.

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If you are new to management or have been leading teams for years, you probably have been promoted to a position of authority because you already have shown you had the skills to successfully contribute to a project team and learn your company’s project methodology. However, actually leading a project requires a different skill set than merely being a productive worker or passing a management course.

PM 101provides that handy reference guide. This book is small enough to slip inside your pocket, and yet it distills down a lifetime of successful project management experience into clear actionable items. You may read this book quickly the first time, and then find that you end up consulting it daily as you find yourself caught in the day to day tasks as your experience and responsibilities increase.


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The compact design of the book allows you to carry this book anywhere, even in the pockets, so that it can be referred any time. It contains tips on managing meetings, developing teams, dealing with changes, managing stakeholders, tips for effective planning, project execution of the projects, most important steps in the project closure and tacking the challenges of organizational politics.

No matter how companies are managed, successful projects tend to rely upon a few actions that can be described in a concise way and handled with common sense. The exact management methodology will not impact a project’s outcome as much as the daily actions of the management team. Sometimes this boils down to common sense, but sometimes success comes from uncommon wisdom.

Purchase and read PM 101 right away to help your employees, your company, and your career. Gift this book to all of the team leaders and project managers in your organization

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