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April 14, 2014

Types of PMO frameworksEvery organization needs a competent PMO (Project Management Office) in place to get projects done with maximum efficiency and within the given timeline.

The importance and necessity of Project Management Office for businesses has always been a topic of great interest among the senior and the middle management in the organizations. Most people believe that the primary role of the PMO is to give instruction of the procedures that need to be followed. However, in reality its responsibility goes beyond, this function is complex and can really be demanding to work in and maintain a PMO.

In a Pulse of the Profession report, released by the Project Management Institute, the roles and responsibilities of a PMO was thoroughly discussed. After carrying out a thorough research into the current industry trends and PMO practices, the report was drafted. To make the report a helpful guide for the practitioners, insights were gathered from PMO professionals belonging to various sectors.

The focus of the report is entirely on providing practitioners with a helpful guide that would help them understand the various aspects of how the Project Management Office works. The various PMO frameworks have been discussed, and an in-depth approach has been taken to understand the various roles that PMOs perform in different business organizations. With the level of dedication and expertise that have been put into the creation of this report is truly noteworthy.

This heavily researched, data, graphs and charts rich report is expected to be a major help to whoever is interested learn more about the current state of the PMO practice. It will also provide aspiring PMO professionals with the right guidance that would lead them on the right track of their career. Aside from discussing the various frameworks that PMO professionals can use, the report also seeks to understand how Project Management Office adds value to a business and paves the path to future success.

Over the next posts, I will try to summarize the report in a simpler way, without any numbers, graphs and charts.

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