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April 16, 2014

Project Office PMOFor teams that provide project management related services, employing a PMO team becomes essential sooner or later. The PMO team defines, maintains and executes all the standard processes and procedures that are associated with project management. The Project Management Office framework involves multiple types of PMO, one of which is the Project Specific PMO. In order to better understand the importance of a project office, you would first need to learn what roles and responsibilities they fulfill.

Deigned for managing specific projects, a project office is responsible for providing guidance, documentation and metrics of project management. To gain better results from such a PMO, companies need to take a project specific approach. That is what the project specific PMO seeks to do. Guiding project managers and the other team members in the right direction is crucial to make a project run successfully. That is why the project office has to provide an array of support services to a particular project or program.

Built on a temporary basis, the project specific PMO team does not last beyond the completion of the particular project. Their services include coordinating reporting and governance, supporting data management, performing administrative activities and so on. The project office may also have to coordinate with the other PMO entities within the organization to support the governance requirements. They also provide program/project artifacts and facilitate knowledge management activities.

Many organizations take a project specific PMO approach. The primary functions of the project office are mainly achieved in Project/Program Delivery Management, Standards, Methodologies, Processes, Governance and Performance Management. While taking a look at the primary functions that a project-specific PMO delivers, it chips in with its crucial role mainly in three competent areas like scope management, facilitating lucid communication and excelling in resource management. The PMO also plays a role in project integration, and risk management though not as significant as other areas.

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