Re-Positioning the PMO

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May 5, 2014

PMO-identityIf you are familiar with the role and position of Project Management Office within an organization, you must know about how diversified their responsibilities can be. Due to this reason, PMO professionals are currently suffering from a sense of identity crisis. Even though they are primarily responsible for program and project delivery management, they also have to play the role of a conduit when creating a company’s portfolio or strategic initiatives.

Despite their growing importance, PMOs are still struggling to define the role that they play within an organization. Even though it is evident that a competent Project Management Office does add significant value to a business, it still needs to be properly documented.

Even in today’s age, many businesses are still unable to fully utilize the skills of the PMO professionals. This happens mainly due to a lack of clarity in the role of the PMO. Because of this, organizations fail to reach the effectiveness of their Project Management Office. This trend has taken a toll on the efficiency of the PMO professionals, rendering them into paper tigers that are ineffective at management projects to yield the desirable results.

Furthermore, it is common among project management professionals to talk about the job role of the PMO, and do so quite confidently. However, the truth is that they are often talking out of ignorance. The roles and responsibilities of the PMO vary from one organization to another, and that is why it could be difficult to find job roles that are exactly alike.

To make it clearer for both PMO and non-PMO professionals, there needs to be enough literature and researches that clearly identify, define and differentiate the different types of Project Management Offices. There needs to be a standard consensus and formalized model on the “right” form of the PMO so that there is more clarity, which will improve the efficiency of the professionals involved.

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