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BOOK I - Warrior's QuestDiscover what The Art of War
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A dedicated book on the similarities between Sun Tzu's The Art of War and PMBOK®The Knowledge Areas and the Process GroupsThe Project Manager, the Projects and the BattlefieldsBook I of the trilogy, Warrior’s QuestAvailable on major online outlets
Project Manager's Pocket ReferencePM-101101 common sense Tips, Ideas and Concepts for
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Handling Organizational PoliticsProject Initiation & Planning TipsHandling Project Closure the Right WayManaging the most dynamic phase – Project ExecutionAvailable on all major online outletsFew handful consistent actions are enough
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book of dry humournot a book of adviseIf humour is not your thing, please don’t buy it.
Many disciplines and subjects are subject to sarcasm for learning.

'The Notes' is now 'The Essentials'

The Portfolio

‘The Notes’ is now PM Essentials

I’m elated to share the full availability of “Notes on Project Management Knowledge” on, nestled under the ‘PM Essentials‘ section. The essence of the book’s content is meticulously structured around overarching themes and specific knowledge domains, ensuring an enriching reader journey.

Why This Book is Freely Accessible:

  • Democratizing Knowledge: In an era where information is pivotal, my vision is to democratize premier content. This book aims to illuminate the path for newcomers and seasoned project management professionals, offering transformative insights.
  • Facilitating the Community: aims to be a hub for supporting a global community of professionals. By offering “Notes on Project Management Knowledge,” I aim to extend this invaluable resource to a worldwide audience, particularly those who can significantly benefit from it. Although direct commentary isn’t available, the steadfast mission is clear: to spread knowledge universally and elevate professionals in their endeavors.
  • Feedback & Evolution: By opening this content to the world, I warmly welcome feedback. Such perspectives will refine future iterations of the book and deepen our collective wisdom in project management. I extend a heartfelt invitation to immerse in the content and continue community conversations.

Your Guide to Navigating the Book:

  • Intuitive Exploration: With the content segmented into distinct chapters and sections, readers can effortlessly navigate their desired topics or indulge in an end-to-end exploration.
  • Engage & Ponder: Each section offers a space for reflection. I invite you to share insights, seek clarifications, or muse over the principles’ real-world applications.
  • Championing Knowledge: If a segment profoundly speaks to you, I encourage its amplification across your networks. Let’s collectively champion the cause of knowledge!

A Note on Ethical Engagement:

While “Notes on Project Management Knowledge” graces without barriers, it remains protected by copyright. I trust our community to engage ethically and conscientiously, urging against unauthorized reproductions.

This initiative is more than a digital offering; it embodies my dedication to the project management community and signifies strides toward a globally enlightened professional sphere. I extend a heartfelt invitation to immerse in the book’s essence, resonate with its core, and join hands in championing democratized and impactful project management knowledge.